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am i crazy or is riff raff like modern day black face?


ISIS IS NOT WAHBI. They go Against everything that Islam is about. They are not Sunni not salafi, they are the worst of Muslims who give Islam a bad name

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i dont think ISIS is representative of islam as whole at all man. hezbollah, a muslim organization, is probably ISIS’ and jabhat al nusra’s fiercest enemy on the ground in syria, who i have a lot of respect and admiration for. shit malcolm x was a muslim and he wasn’t a salafi.

they’re most definitely wahhabi though, and ideologically dont differ from the wahabbis who finance and arm them in saudi arabia, qatar, etc.. wahhabism may be a minority fringe of sunni islam, but thanks to a 40 years of the pentagon funding it with saudi oil and using jihadists as a key geo-political tactic they’ve unfortunately turned it into the fastest growing sect of islam globally.

the last two paydays in a row the owners haven’t given me all the money they owe me and ive had to call them out. i mean if im supposed to be getting $334, how the fuck are you gonna give me $304? the first time is one thing but it happened again yesterday. when i told him he shorted me $30, one of the assholes was like “oh, ok i’ll give you $40”.