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i don’t really know much about foucault, only what ive heard. i guess his thing is power? i had a philosophy professor at my community college who was all about the dude, from the way he talked he believed power is the driver of social phenomena in and of itself and that it can be stripped of class content. this dude, who is a foaming-at-the-mouth-anti-communist (who literally said “even the people who participated in the bay of pigs said it didn’t happen” which i still can’t figure out), has a infantile utopian fantasy of all people at one time simply not participating in the existing power structures and thus forcing them to crumble in on themselves with nothing replacing them and no one on either side of the class divide fighting.

send me some stuff of/on foucault please. 

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Feist - The Circle Married the Line

not long ago i was at work and had a weird experience in that me and another dude were defending a woman’s right to breastfeed in public. the strange thing was that three women were the ones we were arguing with. my manager, who’s a young woman herself, was saying that she’s “sick of women sticking their pregnancy in everyone’s face” just like some “gay people who do the same thing”, even though her boyfriend acts like a stereotypical gay guy.

a woman breastfeeding a child is doing something more socially valuable than anything anyone in the conversation, including myself, has ever done in our entire lives. im not about forcing her into the bathroom stall because i can’t stop sexualizing a tit with a baby’s god damn mouth on it. it’s ridiculous. 

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Feist - The Bad in Each Other